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Posse at dusk.

" Achievement Achieved " is a Red Dead Redemption posse. And they kick ass.

Quick Facts

  • Xbox only (PS3 coming soon)
  • NOT for boosting
  • Active as of Jan. 30, 2011

About Us

A online game-play posse revolving around helping each other in any mode of online play with an objective of completing Xbox achievements. i.e. mini-game players (that don't leave), reliable co-op partners, competitive friends, etc.


Boosting (gaming); as a verb; obtaining, gaining, achieving, or progressing towards a goal or objective illegitimately by any means other than intended.

This includes letting someone rack up their headshot count on you, or vice versa. This type of game-play is completely degenerating and this posse does not condone to it.

Any messages of boosting requests will result in a flame/ignore.

BUT helping each other get rather difficult or time-consuming achievements is not boosting. Helping each other via Posse is a main concept of online play.

Posse Up!

Contact the leader/founder or a co-leader requesting to join. Contact info. is listed below the name in the Member List.

Member List


  • Doug
    • XBL GT: I WeLostDoug I
    • email:
    • wikia acc.: Doug Squared
    • Facebook


(Needing two; 1 xbox, 2 PS3)

Other Members

(currently recruiting)

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