" Billy The Kid and The Cameron Gang " is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


About the gang


Cameron Gang Hideout

Join us or die. Your choice. But seriously we're The Cameron Gang and we've teamed up with Billy The Kid! Therefore when joining please choose a character from 'Waltons Gang' (Including the two from the legendary catagory). (If female then you can choose a female character eg NatalieG44 is Bonnie) This is PS3 exclusive (As I was the only one to have an Xbox which eventually broke). Mic is optional. Our main hang out is the Pikes Basin area once cleared and MacFarlines Ranch acquiring bounty upon our "bad selves" However if in trouble from the law or outnumbered by another gang then Lake Don Julio, Wreck Of The Serendipity and Ojo Del Diablo are our emergancy bases. We also like to "glitch" and "escape the map" so if you ever wanted to explore the areas north of Pikes Basin, ontop of Ojo Del Diablo or the Outfitter area then you're joining the right gang!

Joining the gang



Hit one of the leaders with a message with the title "Join CG" and we'll get back to you ASAP. However theres a few rules:

1. Choose a character from 'Waltons Gang'.

2. If your rank is not over 20 then you may have to do a test. Likely to be a gang hideout of our choosing or reaching a certain bounty level without dieing. (Only the best can role with us)

3. If neither WillPB1992 or Cameron49992 are available then BiIIyTheKid-1881 shall be the temporary leader.

4. Try to avoid killing posse members. I'm sure you all know how annoying it is! (Unless we're all hyper and messing about!)

5. We tend to stay on Free Roam mostly, however should we decide to do a Gang Match, don't complain just leave the session.

6. Just have fun and thanks for joining Billy The Kid and The Cameron Gang.

The Cameron Gang

Rdr perry rose square





  • Cameron49992 (TJ Laubach)
  • WillPB1992 (Mescalero Mike)


  • chr1s666k (Mac Backman)
  • johnman873 (Knobby Tom Alwin)
  • ZULQARNAEN (Marcus Barnes)
  • T0mmyDalt0n (Tricky Pat Dempson)
  • LACHSTAR890 (Benjamin Earl)
  • Jjonrod12 (David Anthony)
  • NatalieG44 (Bonnie MacFarlane)
  • dudematus (Pat O'Flanagan)

Billy The Kid's Gang

  • BiIIyTheKid-1881 (David Anthony)
  • bigdforeal (Mac Backman)
  • Declank99 (Pat O'Flanagan)
  • tclarke9 (Tricky Pat Dempson)

Foot Note Should you add Billy then the "L's" in Billy are capital "i".

Gang history

The gang was formed no later than 1905 and included WillPB1992, his younger brothers Cameron49992, chr1s666k, a brother in law named ZULQARNAEN and sixteen other men. Before moving to Cholla Springs, WillPB1992 was a rustler in the Pikes Basin area where he worked with the Bollard Gang. In 1905 the brothers


were living with their mother and sister NatalieG44 at a ranch located near Ridgewood Farm in northeast Cholla Springs, New Austin. That year the brothers were arrested for stealing unbranded calves from ranchers John Marston, a former Rough Rider, and Bonnie MacFarlane. Cameron49992 assumed full responsibility for the crime so his brothers were released. He spent the next several months in jail at MacFarlane's Ranch and he was said to have developed a grudge against John Marston. Eventually Cameron49992 planned to make his escape from police custody. The jailer at MacFarlane's, Deputy Eli, found him to be such a hard sleeper that it was necessary to enter his cell every morning to wake him up. One morning when Eli walked into the cell, Cameron49992 revealed a cattleman revolver which had been smuggled to him by his brother WillPB1992. He then locked Eli in the cell and escaped back to Cholla Springs for a year. By 1907 the gang was well known in the Midwest for their thievery along the main trail from Blackwater to Benedict Point.

Gaptooth Ridge Gunfight

In the first week of October 1908, the gang was spotted near Plainview with fifteen to twenty stolen horses. According to informants, the group was on their way home from Benedict Point where they allegedly robbed a train. A few days later John Marston, in company with another cowboy, were confronted by Cameron49992 and his brother chr1s666k. During which John Marston was held captive for some time and Cameron49992 threatened to kill him but eventually Marston was released and he informed the local sheriff at Plainview. On the next day the sheriff organized a posse to go after the Cameron Gang. It was to be led by his deputy, Jonah, who would ride with John Marston and two other ranchers. At Greer the posse met up with the Rio Bravo Rangers. The two forces decided to combine their strength and they followed the outlaws' trail to a crossing at Montana Ford. There they decided to detour west to the ranch of Mr Warthington to ask for his help in pursuing the gang, to which Warthington agreed.

Bo Schram and Shep Thomas also lived at the Warthington ranch and they were considered to be great at tracking, both of them joined the posse as well. After that the lawmen continued on the outlaws trail which led to their camp, just within the eastern border of Gaptooth Ridge. The camp was located along a creek, within a deep canyon, near the abandoned town of Tumbleweed, and the posse confronted the gang from the canyon's western opening on the afternoon of October 8. In the gunfight that followed, the posse had to fire into the setting sun while the position of the outlaws was shaded. Initially


the rangers Jonah and Cobbler demanded that the gang surrender, WillPB1992 replied that he would, but when he made his appearance, he opened fire with his rifle. The first three shots fired by WillPB1992 hit Jonah twice in the chest and the deputized rancher Bo Schram in the head. Schram died instantly but Jonah returned fire with his revolver wounding Pat_0-Flanagan. For the next couple of hours the two sides skirmished until it was too dark to continue fighting.

Jonah later died that night and he and Bo Schram were the only casualties on the posse's side. Three or four of the gang members may have been wounded by Marston who carried a Mauser that could shoot through trees. During the gunfight, Ranger Rober Daniels scattered the gang's horses which forced them to have to retreat from the canyon on foot. The posse did not pursue any further through so the Cameron Gang escaped to Cochinay, stealing horses, guns, and food, from settlers along the way. Another posse was organized to go after the Cameron Gang, and the United States Army dispatched two scouts, TY and McGee, to help in the search. The new posse eventually caught up with the gang killing 9 gang members including ZULQUARNAEN and bigdforeal. The posse caught up with the remaining members of the gang in Cochinay, Tall Trees. The gunfight that followed would mark the end of the Cameron Gang. The posse engaged them in a shootout, during which chr1s666k shot and killed Marshal Hank Stutter, and McGee was wounded by other gang members. In turn, Marshal Johnson and Lawman Heath Michaels shot and killed gang member LACHSTAR890, and shot and wounded gang members johnman873 and WillPB1992. The remaining members were captured. johnman873 and WillPB1992 were sentenced to a long prison term, but both spent less than four years. Cameron49992 was sentenced to ten years, but while on work release he escaped, and disappeared from history. His whereabouts after that are a mystery, as he never surfaced again.

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