" PlayStation's Elite" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Playstation only, free to join just be active! and you have to be the baddest outlaw out their, anyone who comes across your path must be killed.

Joining the posse

  • Must own bluetooth headset. (communication is key)
  • Dutch's Gang attire is suggested, but not enforced.
  • Must be a dedicated player.



  • Mikene16
  • ConnorFair08
  • ToUniek

Other members

  • Baldman7824
  • Scorpious-X
  • British-fleldy
  • bunneSlayer
  • Dessel83
  • SOTG_Shifity
  • Livz2rock
  • wes_ker1
  • Tankberry9
  • Super_Duper_WOG
  • RelloKing
  • LostSpleen
  • Coursa
  • ogreat12
  • Ima-Dingo
  • Darklordpj
  • zombieslayer_831

External links

Playstation's Elite Website

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