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"the ordinators" is a Red Dead Redemption posse. "Were the bad guys.We enforce the rules, and now the rules may not be perfect the alternative is HELL." Agent Egar Ross.

About the posse

We are a group of government agents and soldiers who have been sent here to spread peace and civilization to the dying wild west one outlaw at a time. We hunt down outlaws, public enemies and destroy gang hideouts to put an end to americas last frontier .We never say no to hunting and rollplaying togethor. conntact the gamer tag Rex Kwan Do 94 or darth revan755 to join the posse. (XBOX 360 ONLY)

Joining the posse

In order to join the posse you need these essentials. Have a good connection, have a mic,and now how to take orders from us. You will also need to know have a Lawmen character and have our posse name in your profile. We want dedicated members who know how to play the game.



  • (Agent mark) Rex Kwan Do 94
  • (Agent revan) darth revan755

Other members

  • Dvin 4 2 0
  • marinofan4ever
  • stonedxsolid
  • JohnyBonjovi
  • Cakon
  • Abrupted stonererx
  • LilSkullified
  • tbslovestez

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