We are the Communist Revolutionary Army. Are mission is to spread the word of communism throughout the gaming-world. We are a force that will protect the people, that want protecting. And attack the people, that attack.

If you are inneed of support MSG Cunningsauce, are clans leader. we will help all that ask.

We have a Good ranking system, that is hard but progresive.

-High Command-

Field Marshall. Cunningsauce


Col. OpenRank



Lt. OpenRank

Gen. OpenRank


Cpt. OpenRank

Ssgt. OpenRank

Sgt. OpenRank

Cpl. OpenRank

Pfc. OpenRank

Private. OpenRank


unless i see some form of leadership or battle readyness, all new members will be recruit rank. After 2 days in Training, Cunningsauce will asign you to a position

GTA 4/5-----------------------------------------------------------------

We also have a Gta based clan, that carrys a more gurrila/style warfare system. the gta portion is more known for its Bombings, And firefights in liberty city.

With the release of Gta 5 expected for late 2012, we will also be expanding the Army. Again, We will be carrying out gurilla style attacks on Gamers, and A.I

Our History

We are an offshoot of the INTERNATIONAL BRIGADE 28TH DIV.

The clan was formed in may of 2010,at the release of RDR. In late 2011, the clan became defunct. On March 23rd 2012, the new clan was formed.

As of Now we have no allies, enemies or Bountys.


This new clan has not had any clan wars yet, but if you would like to test your metal, MSG cunningsauce to arrange a Battle

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