We currently play on the PS3.

SO far there are 2 members



To join our posse you have to do 1 test. and is open to anyone.

the person who wants to join must have a fist fight with Angry-_-man on top of the tower we have selected, best of 3 you must win by 2. and to win you must punch him off to his death. the tower area is very small so there is not much room for error.

We have been playing red dead for a while now i came over from xbox 360 to join Angry-_-man.

We do co-op, Gang matches, Gang hideouts, and pretty much everything else.

We have a strict policy of not being scared of anyone if someone attacks us or a posse attacks us we will fight back and we fight back harder, as we have proven before.

We don't kill each other unless it's for weapons, this posse helps each other out.

To join us just simply add us as buddies, we are on PSN network.

Thanks for looking at our posse page, we hope to see you soon.

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