* 3:10 to Escalera * is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

HEY!!! You clicked it so now you must read on! I implore you!

First off, let me start by saying that in this posse we are VERY cool people. As in, we are not effin' Dovche-F@gs!... Well, for the most part anyway. Our center is teamwork. Nothing over-powers the intensity of a team-oriented posse! We even help power level posse members. Among other things, we collect bounties on sight and destroy anyone who draws fisrt blood. But don't get us wrong. We're not all doom and gloom and all that other Super Bull droppings. We have our laughs too! So, if you like having fun (and meet our requirements along with passing our initiation) then this is the posse for you!

Joining the posse

(The following are the REQUIREMENTS for joinging this posse)

1. You MUST own a platinum trophy! It's an absolute MUST!!!

2. You have to be over the age of 16. NO BABIES!!!

3. You have to know how to keep a level head and be team-oriented.

4. You must NOT be a super-tard who lacks common sense.

5. You must be one with the gang, not a selfish lone wolf.

(The following list is the INITIATIONs)

1. Knock out PoloRican

2. Teabag OIDARCA.

3. Piss off Chicano4life.

4. Apologize to Chicano4life.

5. Betray Chicano4life to piss him off once more.

6. Fall to OIDACRA 1000 times (He needs the XP after Rockstar robbed him)!

8. Notice what number is missing.

9. Admit your love for OIDARCA's blowup doll and Chicano4lifes' significant other.

10. BE OIDACRAs' significant other !

11. Play the part of Abigail Marston BEFORE she fell in love with John Marston.

12. Repeat step 2.


Gang Leaders

  • Big Boss: PoloRican
  • 2nd-in-Command: Chicano4life
  • The Other Dude: OIDACRA

Other members

  • Slave 1: That guy!
  • Slave 2: YOU
  • Slave 3: YOUR GIRLFRIEND! (sharing is caring)

External links

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