.44Gunslingers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A posse that loves a duel anywhere any time with any yellow belly scumbag.

  • We are dedicated fighters online and seek to bring a new sense of death to Red Dead Redemption
  • We would also like to bring law and order to the interactions between players in free roam:

We want less random and unprovoked attacks on other players during free-roam sessions

Also we want a general unwritten rule that if a player or posse starts a gang hideout that no other players start trying to steal XP by cashing in on the hideout unless invited.

All the above rules are enforced with the instant punishment of death on all we find commiting these crimes.

Joining the posse

Simply send an aplication to Chindit96 on PSN


Law Enforcers

  • Chindit96 - Dead Eye Marshall
  • Milton_96 - Sharpshooter Sherrif
  • tonylfc888 - The Ugly Monkey


  • Postiton open
  • Postiton open
  • Postiton open

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