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11th Army Expeditionary Unit is a Red Dead Redemption unit.

About the posse

We are the 11th Army Expeditionary Unit or the 11th AEU. We are fighting the war with Mexico. You must be wearing a U.S. Army Outfit and you must use the proper guns of the U.S. Army. We only shoot if shot at unless we are told to shoot by one of the commanders. If you shoot without permission your killed.


We will have tests to see if you have these requirements 1)Must have stealth (Most of are missions require stealth). 2)Must be a decent sharpshooter. 3)Must be able to ride a horse decently. 4)Can't be a baby and cower. 5)Must be able to take and carry out orders 6)Must be able to hold of position. -Failture of completing these tests will result in death





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