13th cavalry regiment dui n12192

13th Cavalry Regiment (PSN/Dutch-English) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the 13th cavalry regiment and we want you! It is necessary that you read our policy. The gang is a normal/hardcore freeroam gang. 

Jobs we do

- Bounties

- Elimination of Outlaws

- Engaging Gang related Posses on sight

- Missions

- If the gang expands, we will make clan wars and play normal or hardcore gangmatches.

Fun things we do

- Hunting

- Glitches

- Defending our turf/base (Classified)

- Exploring

- ...


- You do as you told, always obey the orders of members with a higher rank (see Rank System). If you do not you will be given a warning, after 3 warnings you will not longer be part of the posse.

- Your character must be someone from The American Army (see Rank System)

- Take the Gang seriously.

- We are Cavalry so you have to ride a horse! (see Qualifications)

- We do not kill members of the 13th cavalty regiment, unless told (execution, fun ...)

- Report problems to the highest ranked officer (Not the General!).

- When the General is not online

- Have fun

Joining the posse


- Allowed mounts: Turkmen, Cleveland Bay, Hungarian Half-Bred, American Standardbred

- Be a good shot with a pistol and (sniper)rifle or shotgun.

- Be able to take and carry out orders, only by higher ranking person.

- Be able to hold out in a position against multiple opponents.

- Be at least level 20.

- We engage violent posses and players on sight.

Rank System


1) Private: You start of as a simple soldier. (Outfits: Slick Nick Funtz, Tall Trees Ty or Big Bob Moorcock)

2) Corporal: When you are Corporal you have some more experience, Corporals are an elite force who train the new Privates BUT can not give orders to them! A Corporal gets a harder and more specialized role (see Roles) who he can pick himself. (Outfits: Frederick Littlefield or Stephen Paul)

3) Captain: When you become a Captain you are no longer Enlisted but you are an Officer. This means you will no longer have a role but you are in charge of the Enlisted (Privates and Corporals). You can now lead missions, outlaws... on your own. NOTICE: you must be at least 2nd legend/prestige to be a Captain and requires 1 golden weapon. There will only be 3 Captains (may be more if we grow) (Outfit: Gaptooth McGee)

4) Colonel: The Colonel will be the Generals right hand. He can command all troops and reports to the General. Only the closest members can become Colonel, there will only be 1 or 2 Colonel(s). (Outifit: Jan Booth)

5) General: The General will be me, i am mickyvh and i would love you in my posse. all you need tot do is send me a frend request on PSN and tell me that you want to join also tell me if you are Dutch or English (Then i can see if i want to make an English or Dutch clan). The General is the highest ranked player of the posse. If an Enlisted has a question or problem first talk to an Captain or Colonel before bothering the General. There will only be 1 General. (Outfit: Eric Morganson)

Promotions are given when a man has expresses distigished valor during combat, or is very useful. Promotions can only be given by The General or a Colonel.


Private roles:

- Rifleman: Standard soldier, good with a repeater and a rifle. They form the center formation of the Cavalry. (Also need to be good with a revolver/pistol)

- Point Blank: First soldiers to enter buildings, places. Good with shotguns and dynamite. They form the front formation of the Cavalry, using a pistol or shotgun.

- Scout: Very fast soldier with good reactions. Good with long/medium ranged weapons. They scout ahead of the Cavalry (in pares of two) and report what they see.

- Mechanic: Soldier who drive coaches and mount cannons/gatling guns.

Corporal roles:

- Sniper: Advanced scouts, good with long ranged weapons. They provide cover or go with the scouts.

- Guard: Advanced rifleman, good with all weapons. They protect an Officer in battle.


PSN: mickyvh ---> send frend request + ask to join posse

13th cavalry regiment dui n12192



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