Our Regimental Badge

16th Mounted Rifles is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are an American Army unit that allows all levels to join though we Prefer 20 and up as you start getting correct equipment,

By 1916 our operations included Peace Keeping Cross Border Operations, Border Patrol and Anti Criminal activities most of our unit survived the Undead Nightmare and as such will shoot Zombies on sight. We are based in fort mercer mainly although we can be rebased anywhere anytime to deal with anything.

When you Join change into a Private and i'll Promote you on merits and skill Please don't Team kill/ annoy the other posse members some of them are touchy after their experience with the undead

Joining the posse

Message me or our XO on XBL

Posse is going through A quiet period but we do try get on

Last Update: May 28th 2012



Commanding Officer Colonel Stayed Archer

Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander I ThE MaGiC MaN

Enlisted Men

Regimental Sergeant Major Military Liama

Staff Sergeant Meztron Drill

Staff Sergeant Duprey Chief Scout

Master Sergeant DARKBLADE1409 Quartermaster

Gunnery Sergeant M u n d i e x Qm Assist

Sergeant flying weasel38

Sergeant Ceaser of Salads

Sergeant Skeptical Rhino

Lance Corporal zII xHaVoKx IIz

Private First Class INJA MoMo

Private ElusiveRayden

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