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1st American Mounted Cavalry is a large Red Dead Redemption posse and the first American Army posse to be formed.


The 1st American Mounted Cavalry is the first official American Army posse to grace Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer servers. We were formed exactly 3 days after the US release of the game, and we have risen through the ranks quickly, having over 2,700 members enlisted currently.

All of our members use American Army character skins, and our officers may use U.S. Marshals skins aswell.

Joining the Posse

To join the posse, leave a message on Matt's talk page on this Wiki, or send Xx_-Snyper-_xX a message over Playstation. We will test you in-game with a variety of tasks and you will be accepted and assigned to a division, or declined, based on your skill level.

1st American Mounted Cavalry's 4th Division, in a standoff with the Treasure Hunters.


All of our members are tested and proven in their skill, and work in a special one of our four divisions based on their respective assets and talents. Below are some of our noted members.


Notable Members

  • DyslexiChef - Alternate Account of Blenderkitty
  • xrockstarx - 1st Division Leader
  • DarkWolf_68 - 1st Division Second in Command
  • 0xide - 2nd Division Leader
  • drakedowney96 - 2nd Division Second in Command
  • xxrazorbackxx - 3rd Division Leader
  • sickswagg - 3rd Division Second in Command
  • usmc_sniper_1357 - 4th Division Leader
  • jaxle - 4th Division Second in Command


  • The 1st American Mounted Cavalry was the first posse on Red Dead Redemption to exclusively use American Army skins.
  • Many Rockstar staff members have joined this posse.
  • To date, this posse has an estimated total win count of 23,471 matches.

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