1st cav

1st Cavalry Division is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Basic info

(XBOX 360) The 1st Cavalry Division is one of the most famous divisions in the US cavalry. We do various skills and activities and we like to protect our territory (cochinay). We often hunt other posse's or lone fighters for fun. We will take any battle given to us and not go down easy. As the name suggests, we specialise in fighting while mounted on horseback but we can fight on foot if needed. Look below on how to join.

How to Join

Show skill while firing on horseback and on the ground. --- Must use the Winchester Repeater at most times. --- To join, either E-mail me at or message PlumbingBean or FindingMyMonkey on XBL. --- Also having Skype will help as we don't use xbox chat. --- There are a few trials but they don't take long.


Need any horse: Need Winchester Rifle: Officers are hand picked by commanders


Commissioned Officers

  • Lt. Col. : Plumbingbean
  • Major  : FindingMyMonkey
  • 1st Lt.  : Aureolus Sol
  • 2nd Lt.  :

Non-Commissioned Ranks

  • Sergeant Major (1):
  • Master Sergeant (3):
  • Gunnary Sergeant (Uses mounted weapons) (4):
  • Staff Sergeant (5):
  • Sergeant (5):
  • Corporal (-) :
  • Private (-):

> All new recruits will start at private until trials where they will be promoted depending on skill. Pomotions are earned mainly in combat or every few weeks.

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