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1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the United States Army's 1st Infantry Division, we are also known as the Big Red One. Our bases are Cochinay in West Elizabeth, Fort Mercer in New Austin, and El Presidio in Mexico. We play gang matches, outlaws to the end, and posse wars in free roam.

Joining the posse

If you want to join the posse then contact JackM-- or UrbanSniper_666 saying you want to join. You will then receive training from rom-mohc to see if you qualify to join the clan. We are a PSN group. Note: Recruitment in currently OPEN.


1. Follow Orders (Failure To Do This Will Result In Being Booted From The Posse)

2. Don't Insult Or Attack Any Member In The Posse

3. Respect The Leaders

4. Never Attack Other Players (Unless They Attacked You First Or Ordered To)

5. Assaulting/Killing A Leader Will Result In Being Executed By Firing Squad

6. Do Not Make Fun Of Other People In Public Matches Unless They Did Something Stupid or If They Just Deserve It

7. You Have 3 Strikes Until You're Booted (The First Strike You Get A Warning, Second Strike You Get Demoted, The Third Strike You Will Be Executed By Firing Squad And Booted)


Ranks Are:

POW (If You're Lucky)


Private II

Private First Class

Private Second Class




Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

1st Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major of The Army*

Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer 2

Chief Warrant Officer 3

Chief Warrant Officer 4

Chief Warrant Officer 5

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


General of The Army


1. A headset is highly recommended (but not needed)

2. Stealth

3. Skilled with any type of weapon

4. Must be wearing US Army uniform

5. Outlaws to the End Co-Op pack

7. Good at riding horses

8. Be at least level 10 (Prestige Players Can Join At Any Level)



  • General of The Army JackM--
  • Lt Gen. UrbanSniper_666
  • Maj Gen. crastttlle


  • Cpt. gityup- 1
  • Cpt. ndraica
  • Master Sgt. jaredsyn
  • Master Sgt. rkgamer27
  • Cpl. BlAck-ShAdoW-8
  • Cpl. fal1972mouth
  • Pvt. aspen-leblanc
  • Pvt. kickinyourbut707


  • Drill Sgt. rom-mohc

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