1st Light Cavalry Division is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

What Do We Do?

This Posse does it all. We will attack Gang Hideouts, attack towns, kill other players, kill Rival Posses, and participate in gang matches.

Engagment Laws

Anyone who pulls a gun on a member will be killed on sight, and hunted afterwards. Any one who is as a Gang Member or a Mexican BANDIT. If we traval to Mexico, we will attack and Mexican law or army. All towns is America should not be attacked, but Mexican Towns can be. If an offence is commited in an American Town the offence will either be bad enough to be temporarily booted from the gang and hunted. If Minor, the 1st Lioght Cacaly Division will back them up.


Currently, there are none, but any involved with American Law/Army are Welcome.

Joining the posse

To join, add Dandyandy2 as a friend with the messege: "Red Dead" to join (PS3 Network). Requirments:

  1. Be a level ten or higher.
  2. Be a decent shot with all avalable weapons at their designated ranges.
  3. Be able to take orders and do them immediatly.
  4. Be a decent Horseman.
  5. Have a microphone/head-piece



  • Leader 1
  • Leader 2 will be the 1st person to join.


  • Dandyandy2


  • Secondary Leader
  • Two Weapon Specialists
  • Two Snipers
  • Two CQB Specialist
  • Four Other Members


Rules are simple.

  1. Dont TK-you have no life if you do
  2. Follow Superiors' orders no matter what.

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