1st Mounted Infantry is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

New posse on PsN looking for new recruits.This is a U.S ARMY posse hence all members must be us army charecters. We have bases for fighting and Training ect and villages for relaxing and sleeping ect .Our base in mexico is El Presinio and are village is El matadero. Our Base in New Austin is Rileys Charge and out village is Ridgewood Farm. Our Base in West Elizabeth is Cochinay Our village is either Cochinay tents or the tents at Manzinita post. This is a military posse so things are standardized and there is a weapons list. There are requirements 1.ALL members should be able to fight on foot and use horses to travel. 2 MOST members should be able to fight on foot AND horseback plus be a decent marksman.3 SOME members will fight on foot and horseback have fast horses and be able to do specialized tasks e.g scouting and sniping. Good hunters are welcome for animal control and defense e.g killing bears. Hunters follow different rules.


  ALL (Used by all as backup or primary)

Bolt action rifle (standard weapon), Double action revolver (standard handgun), Pump action shotgun (standard shotgun)


All repeaters except Evans plus Semi auto pistol, Springfield rifle, Schoffield revolver, Le Mat revolver Sawn off d.b shotgun, Snipers


Basically any weapon only if you run it through me and let me authorize it.

Other weapons can be used until these are unlocked

Joining the posse

1.Be on PsN

2.Be able to speak English or have a friend that can translate join with you and a mic is preferable but not nessciery and you MUST do what your told.

3.Send mclj10 (me) a friend request saying you want to join and what level you are.

4.Wait for a reply



  • mclj10
  • bender1slayer

Other members

  • sppirates
  • GRIFFIN123?(Sorry name fail)
  • pebbles 982 .
  • And a load more that I cant remember the names of

External links

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