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1st US Cavalry Division (PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is a platoon of skilled horseman and light infantry soldiers. We have various positions and roles, and we prefer to tactically think out an engagement beforehand. We have various positions: Squad leader, Scout/Navigtor, Breacher, Heavy Weapons experts, Exposives expert, and long range support.

Squad Leader:deathstar5566

Scout/Navigator(1): Scouts ahead of group, uses snipers/high powered rifles mostly, leads group when travelling.

Breacher(2): First people into a building/position. Use shotguns and pistols when up close

Heavy Weapons expert(1/2): Uses high power rifles. Must be well trained in using all mounted weapons(cannons,gatling guns,browning guns).

Explosives expert(1):Utilises dynamite and fire bottles to clear positions. Also uses other weapons when at range.

Long range support(1):Sniper that works with scout and provides covering fire from a distance.

We are a serious posse, and you must say what postion you would like to be when you join. There are only a certain number of people to a position, so please request a position when you join. You must be well trained in said position and may be asked to show of your skills upon joining. You HAVE to be able follow orders, and mics are reccommmended. We dont engage other posse unless they shoot first, and we ride as a group unless told otherwise. You must play as a US Army character skin. We are also forming a joint force with the US Special Forces

Joining the posse

To join, contact deathstar5566 on psn



  • deathstar5566
  • Leader 2

Other members

WanganWarrior Tangofire_BE

  • Member 3 etc.

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