Unit History:

The 2nd NJ Cavalry was a Union Cavalry unit during the American Civil War that fought in the western campaign which is suitable for Red Dead Redemption. We continue the honor of this regiment

Calvary-2-Guidon 560

Our Designated Regimental Guidon.

by conducting cavalry like objectives such as convoy escorts, guard duty, outpost occupation, and posse to posse combat.

Unit Entrance:

In order to join the 2nd NJ Cavalry you first need to notify myself on your request for the unit. My XBL gamertag is GLIDERRIDER327 and I am the commanding officer of the 2nd NJ Cavalry.

Unit Uniforms:

The 2nd NJ Cavalry was part of the Federal Army so in turn we wear the US Army character uniforms along with the Buffalo Soldier uniform. The weapons that we use are the standard issue of the time period being the Springfield 1876 carbine and our Colt Peaceakers(Cattleman Revolvers). The horse for enlisted man can be any dark colored horse and for officers can be any type of horse being either dark or light.

Unit Members:



XO-- 1st Lieutenant CoMM4Ndo joe

1st Sergeant-- combatcore024

1st Squadron:

Sgt.-- TRailBlAzErTRoY

Cpl.-- Unkumfortable

Pvt.-- I KRoNiiKz I

Pvt.-- Arauz Me



And many more to enlist...

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