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The 33rd in action

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33rd "Blood Brothers" Brigade is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The 33rd "Blood Brothers" Brigade was created in 1861 on the Union side. At the time it was made up of volunteers from New Jersey and saw action in The Battle of Antietam and Cold Harbor. After the war they were sent west to patrol towns from Native American attacks. The Brigade became specialists in wilderness combat and learned how to survive for days without rations. In 1911 The 33rd was restationed to Blackwater in West Elizabeth to mop up what was left of Dutch's gang. After the 33rd finished they had nothing to do so they started there own sport, Horse Jousting. The joust's would earn respect throught the Brigade and earn armbands for championships. Most soldiers in the 33rd like playing poker and liar's dice, they also like to joust and clear out gang hideout's. It should be noted that we are a Xbox Live Posse NOT PSN!


1. RecordedMink986- 3 Championships

2. Cryptic Buffler- 1 Silver medal

3. Tropicalsloth- 1 Silver medal

4. RaginAsian99- 2 Bronze medals

5. Wikywikywiky- 1 Bronze medal

6. monkeyballs6988- None

7. Demon1241- None

Joining the posse

The 33rd is is joinable but only to an extent only certain recruits can join as the 33rd is a semi-private Brigade. However if you do join you will be iniated by being knifed by a fellow member and be called a "Blood Brother". If you want join contact RecordedMink986 on Xbox live. You also must be a American army character.


Member 1 RecordedMink986
Member 2 monkeyballs6988
Member 3 RaginAsian99
Member 4. Cryptic Buffler
Member 5. Wikywikywiky
Member 6. Demon1241
Member 7. Tropicalsloth

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