4th Mounted Rifles is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Company

The 4th Mounted Rifles are a United States Cavalry
company based in New Austin. We are just a group of players that just want to play and have fun. In Nuevo Paraiso, we are usually stationed in El Presidio when conducting business in Mexio. We are an Xbox 360 only posse.

It is also recommended to download the program Steam to make contact easier

Joining the 4th Mounted Rifles

To join us, you must be at a minimum level of 10 and send a message and friend request to Captain frank325

Also you MUST have a US Army character chosen from the Outfitter

Recruitment is currently CLOSED, all requests for joining made after June 16th will be immediately denied.


Commanding Officers

  • Captain frank325
  • Lieutenant DataBlink
  • Lieutenant DataHaze

Mounted RIfleman

  • Sergeant orange55crush
  • Sergeant Tyrodjen
  • Corporal risingsun98
  • Corporal Serj the Mad
  • Corporal CactusClimer
  • Corporal MajorDobby666
  • Private metshdw
  • Private Iron Davy
  • Private RuzzianRoulette
  • Private Hutton150
  • Private Viva La Cruelty

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