129px-7th Infantry Regiment COA

7th Infantry Regiment US Army is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Regiment

This is a new military oriented posse mainly for public game RPing and playing in a military way.

We are curently based at Rathskeller Fork.

Sorry Xbox only.


To join the regiment you must message me (XxPwNzz) and await reply, you must be at least level 10.

The 1st 5 members will instantly have the rank of Captain. (just so we have some rank structure)

The 2nd 5 members will instantly have the rank of Sergent.


Use a "AMERICAN ARMY" character skin unless the job given requires any other character skin I.E acting as a marshal or lawman or even undercover work.

NO discriminating the buffalo soldiers (thats my fancy way of saying no racism)! unless in a RP tence and not directed at any one in particular except NPCs.

Have fun :)!



Luitenent General- XxPwNzz (I appogise i pronounce this as "leftenant" as im british and thats how it is pronounced in our military)

Major- Redlocust40

Captain- MemetYa

Captain- SohleBrocken791

Non-Commisioned Officers

None as of yet


None as of yet

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