We are tired of assholes that are high level that pick on lower rank people.

~Joining 8 Young Guns ~ A mic (everyone must have mics)

Respect for all posse Members

Motto: Standing up for those too weak to do so.

Skill level must be 20 or above

You must speak proper english

Contact leaders under Gamertags (RedPet241 and Xx THA CR33D xX AKA DANNYMILLER1967)

No sexist remarks about females (unless it is meant to be a joke NOT an insult.)

If you are to go against the posse, you brought infront of the posse leaders. If it is a minor offense, you will be suspended for 2 weeks. If it is a major offense, YOU WILL BE KICKED and treated in the same fashion as our enemies. (In other words you will be put on our shit list.)

(NOTE * Don't be the same character as someone else in the posse. And you have to make a background )

Heads Up game (a game thowing dynamite and Fire bottles without warning -except for the words HEADS UP- at other posse members) is only allowed when we are relaxing after a fight.

You must be serious during battle. If you act stupid and play heads up during battle you will get a minor offense and a strike. 3 strikes and you will be kicked out of the posse


Boss And Right Hand Woman

  • Leader 1 Redpet241
    * Leader 2 Xx THA CR33D xX AKA DANNYMILLER1967

Fellow Members* Member 1 WOLFSRAINGURL

  • Member 2 Vacant
    * Member 3 Vacant
    * Member 4 Vacant
    * Member 5 Vacant
    * member 6 Vacant

(More Coming Soon!)

Due to issues with privacy policys the shit list is now being replaced by manual comunication to possie leaders to catch up on the lateist assholes scoundrels and villans that the possie has marked.

times sabotaged: 4

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