9000 gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the gang

<==well i want to create a posse and take over some establishments and bandit encampments.i wanna make a colonization crime empire(it means to conquer some towns) i got inspired by the Baron Flynt of borderlands he was the most awesome boss If you are gonna ask which is gonna be our territory then God bless USA for having their easy to domain plains and cities that will be soon taking by us with 9000% awsomeness strenght and strategy oh and 9000 i not a reference to the dragon ball meme,my politic would be of slavery and dictatorial order (joking)and we are going to have fun,we will also train to better our skills and do some hunting we will always support our members and never betray them==>


1/Always be a good team mate and if a member is on trouble always support him/her

2/If we are on combat il tell you if escape or not


Joining the posse

<!==im looking for all range mercenaries some other knifer or a BOOM professional im also looking for GOOD team mates that know how to obey ohm i also forgot i looking for a good horse rider for escaping or invading ,a badass guy to make the entire USA and other pooses to piss their pants (no offense)oh and yeah about me im a good tactician but that doesn't means i dont know how to full the enemy with lead==

If you wanna join tell me about your favorite weapon and quote in my talk page IM ON XBOX PS.also leave user name (not the wikia username the xbox user) later i will check and see if you are or not what i need My user is Mr.9000 password obviously im not telling it lol


  • Leader Duke Warcelon
  • Badass 2
  • Rider 3

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3
  • Member 4

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