ACID is a Red Dead Redemption posse that plays on the Playstation 3 system.

About the posse

ACID has yet to become a big posse, but although it's very small, it's very strong too. Founded by Project_JOCHEM and Project_HANS, the posse's looking for new gunslinger-material to help ACID on it's way to the very top.

Joining the posse

At the moment, the posse is offline. You can still send a message to me if you want to join us when we're up and running again, as that'll most likely happen soon.

As the posse's in a very early stage, we don't have any criteria you should apply to to join our posse. You should just make sure you enjoy the game and it's online mode and you'll be fine.



  • Project_JOCHEM
  • Project_HANS

Other members

  • Bushman1992
  • Drupal45654321

External links

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