America's Border Patrol is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Welcome to America's Border Patrol Wiki Page.

Hello, and welcome to America's Border Patrol Wiki Page. We are a Play Station 3 posse. We wear American Army uniforms (or any that correspond to the U.S.), so please get one from the outfitter. Please look at our "Joining the Patrol" section for more detailed information on our posse.

Joining the Border Patrol

Please send the General (PSN: Snowman-526) a message on Play Station Network. Please include what group you would like in, Infantry or Calvary. He will try to get back to you as soon as possible, with your rank, and next time we plan on being on Play Station Network. Make sure you are wearing an American Army uniform (or any the correspond with the U.S.). Also, please look at the "RULES & CONSEQUENCES" section.

Border Patrol General



  • A_Nut_Ball - Captain


  • Snowman-526-Border Patrol General


1. No inappropriate talk or profanity will be used or tolerated at all. One time caught using bad language will result in a warning sent by a message saying what you said and why you are being warned. The second time you will be suspended for a week. Once again, you will be sent a message saying you have been suspended and why. Three times and you will be removed from the posse for ever. There are no second chances.

2. No hurtful things will be said. This is ABSOLUTELY not tolerable. We want to make a safe and fun environment for our fellow players. It's not polite and can hurt someone more than you think. First time is a warning sent by message saying what you said. Second time you will be removed forever.

3. The will be no fighting. We will will be honest, it's rather annoying, and no one likes it. First time you will be warned via message, second time you will be suspended for two weeks, and third time you will be removed from the posse.

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