This is For People who want to be a part of something big in RDR we will be an everyday clan who goal is to rule the game lobby and fight off other posses and players.Etiquette is a big part of this clan we will all be either American Army or Lawmen night and Day we will be trash talking to players and we will listen to the Leader when doing gang hideouts and challenges and Gambling is going to be a big part of Rangers to.


  1. you must be a frequent player.
  2. you must be either American Army or a Lawmen.
  1. you must ride a horse unless instructed otherwise.
  1. you must listen to orders given in the briefing
  1. you must be willing to commit to being an American Army Horse Ranger
  1. You must must use the use the weapon combo in the leaders given order

Other info


Horses are a vital to us,we use a black or brown horse.

The U.S. Marshalls Branch

The upmost respected law enforcment in the land,they are a branch of The Rangers that we call in to help us out in our own style of so called "LAW Enforcment"

Joining the posse

Contact xNAPOLEON117x for the recruitment

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