American Outlaws is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a strong posse.There are few who actually have the skill to join.U could call us the marines of 1911.Except we are only loyal to commrads,and anyone else will be killed on sight!We are ok to make treaties but If we dont know u then your dead.

Joining the posse

Just send a msg to B0SS Calebsith on xbox live.And be ready to be put on a posse tryout session.

Council members

commander:B0SS Calebsith 2nd commander(s):crazysaint69{Extended Vactation},setyouonfire20,


War Broad Captain:Insane Howitzer,Wifebeater9000t,xAZx NiGHTxMaRE, Captain:A Filopino{or NOTgoodAllan0},Bubbad2008, Hex Officer:blood spiller 7,CT SOLDIERBOY,SNIP3ZILLAdk,SmokyGunman93,xbLo0dY pUPPETx,


--xFLUFFYCHICKEN1[probation till 6/3]


--Marksman Division *UNDER WORK* --Cavalry Division > B0SS Calebsith --Specilized Assault > crazysaint69 --Pistolier Division > setyouonfire20 --All-Purpose Marines *NO CURIANT LEADER*

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