American Western Army 22 Brigade is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

AWA is a clan built on total control. Some of our favorite activities are controlling games, and kill Cop-killers. We up hold the law by killing all the public enemies in a game. I run this clan military style, and rank people up based on their recruitment, not their skill. All people who play paintball will have a significant advantage towards others. Also, all members must take a test, to rank up and be eligible for the other tests. These tests consist of 25 multiple choice questions about AWA. You must get a 100% to pass.

Joining the posse

If you would like to join there is a few requirements: We want you to be around the age of 9 to 12, as we noticed this is when people are at their most maturest level. All new recruits must march from Blackwater to Escalara on foot, to show their loyalty. And last, all members must be on during a fight. Any who miss one fight, will be punished, penalised, and forced to march.



  • Odyessues

Other members

There is too many members to count right now, so I'll do it laters.

External links

I forgot the link to my website, when I remember I'll put it up.

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