Angels of Darkness is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The posse was formed in November 2010 and has being a fair and just posse towards all members of the Red Dead Redemption community. On most days the leader can be found taking on gang hideouts during public and private games. We have all be helping each other. Recently we were helping each other to legend during the double exp weekend, where 2 members became legend and 2 more came very close and are training very hard.

Joining the posse

To join the posse you must be able to complete the Pike's basin gang hideout without dying solo with the eye of the clan leader watching over the trial.


Currently we have 5 members in our posse.


  • Joshless1


  • Gmega1
  • Braidedhawk

Other members

  • Madetookill
  • JS996

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