The Archangels

Archangels are a posse in Red Dead Redemption.


Dragngard, Dryzane, FeralJew


Dragngard: Midrange Support

Dryzane: Close Range Berzerker

FeralJew: Long Range Sniper


We may not agree on everything, but our wrath is swift and our bullets sure.


Dryzane (a.k.a. Lucifer)

  • "Solve a man's problems with violence, help him for a day. Teach a man to solve his problems with violence, help him for a lifetime."- Belkar Bitterleaf, The Order of the Stick
  • "Marshalls make their own rules. They live by their own laws, helping the 'innocent' and punishing the guilty. They know that their codes and creeds are the only way to safeguard this new frontier for the folks back home. Lawless men like me, we're the enemy, right? Arrogant bastards think they have the right to rule this land, to make it just like their pretty little cities in the East. This is our land- free, wild, and unconcerned with right or wrong. So if they want to 'civilize' this last frontier, this last bastion of free men...they'll have to go through me." -Dryzane
  • "There is no good or evil. There is only fun and boring."— The Plague, Hackers

Dragngard (a.k.a Michael)

  • “The laws of man are sufficient enough, but my own laws are over those and if any are to break those your days are numbered on this Earth, might as well make the best of the rest of the time you’ve got, like try praying, cause that’s all you’ll have time to do when I come knocking.” Dragngard
  • "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." G-Man, Half-Life
  • Do or do not... there is no try.Yoda

FeralJew (a.k.a. Gabriel)

  • "Professionals have standards: Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."—The Sniper, Team Fortress 2
  • "Yea verily, I will kill you."- FeralJew
  • "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that anyone and everyone isn't out to kill me and rape my corpse."- FeralJew

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