Uk flag

Assassins of the uk is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

we r only on xbox 360 you can only fight if i say you can. we do not heve any moder in if you do mode and u wont to join let me no why you mod if i dont think that is it a good reason you will be talled to go if you dont go we will shoot you

Joining the posse

to join add me im called jackimi96

or send a message to me and i will get back to you if i can






drak pirincess3



adam jp 1996


1) you dont shoot at me or my mates if you do we will all shoot at you

2) we do not ues hight power pistols(only ues in need till we get to you with back up)

3) we ues the top on building to get some wair if we can get on tham

4) we got some girls in the clan if you do 1 say to tham i will kill you. me and my mates have the girls. so keep off tham if you wont a girl go and get 1 to join my clan



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