BR Assassins were first the Black Riders which had originally over 300 members. Then the first leaders left me and MirrorEffect3 leaders taking 100 Black Riders with them. We regained about 100 more members with the Black Riders being the second most powerful gang of Red Dead Redemption. With over 30 other powerful gangs by our side we were unstoppable. Rockstar games were going to sponser us in making a game type called, "Clan War" so we had to break into two clans. The White Riders and the Black Riders. Then a event happened where two of the Black Riders got into a fight and left the black riders, taking about 100 members of white and black riders. Soon more and more Black and White riders left leaving us with about 100 members of black riders because we disbannded the white riders. As time went on more black riders left so me and Mirror disbannded the posse leaving me and mirror alone with no allys or Riders. About two months later me and mirror formed a private posse called the BR Assassins and took the people who left to make a clan and took them on as well as alot of our previous allys. At the moment it is me nd mirror and a few of the best Black Riders in the Clan.

If you are interested in joining contact: Cornkake36

This is a Xbox Clan

Leader 1- Mirror

Leader 2- Cornkake36

Message me with you experiance, level, age, mount and other useful info.



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