BT Bullets is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

The up bringing of the BT_ Bullets

First commander Lady_BT_Bullets used to be an sargent in THM, untill one day she went up against the leder and wanted to change and improve the clan and sugested that he would step down if he didnt change his way of leading. Even tho she had the members on her side she stayed a while even tho the boss wanted her gone, later she realized that the clan wouldn't change and she left on her own and got put on the THM's hit list. The second she explained that she was leaving, former THM member Dr. Death came with her as her right hand and second in command to start the new clan, Bite The Bullet.

About BTB

They started up with the idea to bring few but good players together to make them all better. The members are all hand picked for their own specialty and its up to the leaders to use all the unique potential of each member to make a big family. The members and the leaders, all have space to improve their mindset and their trigger fingers, therefore they all spend much time training each other and working on the strategical side of the game play. BTB is strictly a unique group of people who wants to take a video game to the next level, by balancing unity, strategy, loyalty, friendship and most important separating peoples heads from their shoulders. Ps: BTB is an PS3 clan only.

Joining the family

BT_Bullets are yet to building the roots to the clan, so we advise you to get in touch with one of the commanders if you fit the criteria, which is:

  • must be over 18 years old
  • have a microphone
  • Have played the game for over 3 months and reached level 50. We are not your personal gun holders..
  • Be able to fight for yourself just as much as for your clan
  • Hang around all the members for two weeks and be able to beat one of them in expert targeting in the circle.


  • First in command Lady_BT_Bullets
  • Second in command Death_BT_Bullets
  • Third in command Fire_BT_Bullets

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