We'll kill you with a smile.

Bad Company is a Red Dead Redemption mercenary group.

Background History

A group of people who were kicked out of The Bureau for their crude remarks, lack of taking orders how and when their given, and collateral damage. Before they were kicked out, they were the best of the best. They stopped listening to orders and started doing things
their way. They were soon disbanded from The Bureau and called themselves Bad Company for their actions. And when you think they would learn a lesson from their actions, they didn't. Instead they still do what they do, but for a price. Later on Bad Company started recruiting misfits across the U.S. and Mexico for their useful skills. They became official in 1911 and their base of operations is TO KILL WITHOUT REGRET.

The Company's Skills


Preferred weapon- Any Pistol

Skill- Kickass Aim, projectiles, pistols, and stealth.


Preferred weapon- Repeaters and Pistols.

Skill- Kickass aim, Throwing Knifes, and getaway vehicles.

Higbee72, XxTheKingHHHxX-

Preferred weapon- Rifles and repeaters.

Skill- Killing Without Regret, watch duty, and ambushes.

Joining Bad Company

Don't Worry We Will Find You!



  • Leader 1 Higbee72
  • Leader 2 XxTheKingHHHxX

Other members

  • Member 1 n/a
  • Member 2 n/a
  • Member 3 n/a

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