Aiden O'Doyle poses in the Band Of Thieves group photo. Fort Worth, Texas, 1911

Band Of Thieves, is the name given to a 'posse' that controls organized crime activities troughout the United States of America and Mexico. Posse comitatus or sheriff's posse is the common-law authority of a county sheriff or other law officer to conscript any able-bodied males to assist him in keeping the peace or to pursue and arrest a felon; compare hue and cry. Originally found in English common law, it is generally obsolete, and survives only in America, where it is the law enforcement equivalent of summoning the militia for military purposes.


The Band Of Thieves is believed to have been formed in Sierra Ronada, Mexico in 1911. When a local 'Saloon' organized a poker tournament several men signed in, incluiding the entire Band Of Thieves. But an infamous poker player, John Daly, cheated wich led into a massive shootout between the Band Of Thieves and several other players. According to a witness the Band Of Thieves killed everyone inside the Saloon and took off with all the money. Three days later they were known 'outlaws' doing everything to survive.

Historical leadership of the Band Of Thieves


Boss - Don/Godfather. The don is the head of the posse, no one can call the shots over his decisions. He is also only 1 of 2 people (the 2nd man is the underboss) who can initiate someone into the family, allowing them to become a made man. Since his rank gives him the authority to give the oath to new members and make them sgarrista (soldiers). He also has the authority to give people their positions and ranks. As the boss of the family he usually reigns as a dictator.

  • 1911-present - Aiden O'Boyle (Robinvdd)


Underboss - is the number two position in the family (after the Don, Godfather, Boss). Also known as the "capo bastone" in some criminal organizations, this individual is responsible for sending a share of the family's profits to the boss. The underboss also oversees the selection of caporegimes and soldier(s). After the boss dies, the underboss normally takes control of the crime family until a new boss is chosen, in some cases the underboss.

  • 1911-present - ? (Lukkieluuk)

Band Of Thieves soldiers

  • 1911-present - James 'Jabo Jack' Jabolski (Lax52-)
  • 1911-present - Butch Cassidy (MrSmallSmall)
  • 1911-present - John Billy Anderson (Dirkje55)
  • 1911-present - James 'Burger' Wales (HomeStudios)

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