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Bandit Gang (PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are Bandit_Gang.. and we love lvling up and hang out.. and if u want 2 join us add us.. add Bandit_Gang_Kila or Bandit_Gang_Malo and we are a PSN clan..

Joining the posse

if u want 2 join the Bandit_Gang.. u have 2 pass some test and then if u r good we will let u join us.. and 1 thing we want ppl that will join us and not betrade us.. and we hate clan hopers..And if u are a good player that can 360 u shud hit us up on psn so we can recruit u n get u started


  • President.. Bandit_Gang_Kila
  • Vice President aka VP..Bandit_Gang_Malo
  • Boss 3..Bandit_Gang_Dank
  • Boss 4..Bandit_Gang_Bolt
  • Boss 5..Bandit_Gang_MEX


  • General 1..Bandit_Gang_Hood
  • General 2..Bandit_Gang_Dawg
  • General 3..Bandit_Gang_Chik
  • General 4..Bandit_Gang_Hawk
  • General 5..Bandit_Gang_Volt

Sergeant @ Arms

  • Sergeant at arms 1..Bandit_Gang_Malo
  • Sergeant at arms 2..Bandit_Gang_Thug


  • Captain 1..Bandit_Gang_Gunz
  • Captain 2..Bandit_Gang_KiD

Gang Lieutenant's

  • Gang Lieutenant 1..Bandit_Gang_Eli
  • Gang Lieutenant 2..Bandit_Gang_Stez
  • Gang Lieutenant 3..Bandit_Gang_Trig


PsychoPathic Riders AKa PR


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