Banditos is a Red Dead Redemption posse. {motto: pissing in the wind}

About the posse

>We are a good group of friends who fight for good or evil. we are not very hostile but we do take over Blackwater every time we are online.


we where a just people who joined a posse then we had a posse war at el preidso where we one coming up with or motto pissing in the wind then we thought we can do this for a long time starting are posse we made are home blackwater and are emergency fort Cochinay

Joining the posse

Contact rdrbandito55 xbox only


killerfand24 xBLITZBURGERx abbiedoobie55 xCHIRSTANCHISx

Banditos logo

rdrbandito55{posse named after


  • bikernation{leader}
  • xCHIRSTANCHIRSx{2nd in command}
  • rdrbandito55{leads all military action}


  • name from rdrbandito55
  • all members are very pro with high power pistol and Buffalo rifle
  • When in Cochinay turn very dangerous most of time there for meetings or emergencys

-- §RDRbandito55§ 04:35, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

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