The "Banditos Del Sur" is a serious clan that was created in March of 2013 by "Perdido Bandito." The gang is based exclusively on Xbox360 Xbox Live. The Banditos play almost every day, lead by clan leaders; "Perdido Bandito," and "BalancingWolf82." The clan takes care what needs to be done, but enjoys doing it.

The goals of the clan are to not only keep Red Dead Redemption multiplayer alive and well, but to climb the ranks and grow into a powerful clan while doing so. They enjoy hunting and gang matches, but the gang was founded on a "Bounty Hunter Foundation."

The "Banditos Del Sur" primary hideout is Torquemada, located in Diez Coronas, Mexico. Other locations include Las Hermanas, Rathskeller Fork and Manzanita Post.


1-Young Blood





6-Clan Leader

Clan battle record: 3-0

Joining the posse

If you are intereseted in joining the "Banditos Del Sur," then please read the following standards and instructions carefully.

The gang's standards include but are not limited to the following: You must be a frequent player. You must have at least general knowledge of the , as well as the map and locations. You must be willing to learn from the Banditos. But most of all, you must be dedicated to the Banditos; After all, this is not just a weekend commitment.

If you believe you meet these standards, the instructions for requesting to join are listed here: Message "Balancingwolf82," or "Perdido Bandito" on Xbox Live. Be sure to tell them that you learned of the gang from this Wikia. After you receive a reply, simply follow the verbal instructions. Good luck.


Clan Leaders

- Perdido Bandito

- Balancingwolf82

Young Blood






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