¡Por el honor de México!

–Batalla de Nuevo Paraiso

Batalla de Nuevo Paraiso is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


Batalla de Nuevo Paraíso is the local batallion of the Mexican Army, stationed in Nuevo Paraiso. Colonel Agustin Allende is responsible for suppressing the rebellion in the province, led by Abraham Reyes.

Captain Vincente De Santa serves as the first troop commander.

Batalla de Nuevo Paraiso is responsible for the internal and external security of the northern mexican border states.


  • The batallion controls Cochinay as a military base, which belongs to american territory. When somebody did a crime at this region, the Mexican Army appears there.

Operations / operational areas

Defeat against the resistance movement by Abraham Reyes

Internal elimination of Banditos

Individual equipment


Military bases in Mexico

Nuevo Paraiso

Military camps

Military bases in the U.S.

West Elizabeth

Joining the posse



  • drunkinsoviet (El coronel)
  • Soul x FuRi0uZz (El capitán)
  • xXEstradaXx (Teniente de la banda)

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