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BearClaw Clan Information on how to join.

If you are interesteded in joining our clan plz add 1 of the following 3 names. BearClaw_Unknown, BearClaw_40Five, and BearClaw_Blaze. Message us and we will get back to you. You will have to 1v1 at least 3 of our members.

BearClaws relation ships with other clans.

Allies: HELLHOUND, M-S_13.

Enemys: Outtlaw, T_H_M, PARTRIOT, HONOR, LOKOS, PublicEnemy, and SUBZ3RO.

Mutual: F-A-M-E, MostHated, and MARSHAL.

BearClaws Leaders

  1. BearClaw_Unknown
  2. BearClaw_40Five
  3. BearClaw_Blaze

BearClaws Members

  • BearClaw_AznGurl
  • BearClaw_Haze
  • BearClaw_Kodiak
  • BearClaw_BP-5150
  • BearClaw_iLLesT
  • BearClaw_TheOne
  • BearClaw_Klutch
  • BearClaw_Mr_Cool
  • BearClaw_Trident
  • BearClaw_James
  • BearClaw_Samurai
  • BearClaw_Grizzly
  • BearClaw_Sally
  • BearClaw_Gray
  • BearClaw_Phantom
  • BearClaw_SiNZ
  • BearClaw_BOLT

EX Cons

BearClaw_Bomber BearClaw_I3reezy.

Just to show our appreciation to this game

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