Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Black Sabbath is a small posse run by skilled teens; a kick-ass posse. We're all awesome. (PS3-PSN ONLY!) We're a pretty relaxed "mess-around" posse with no strict rules or aims.

Joining the posse

Add and message War-Pig75 stating who you are and why you want to join in your inquiry.


  • War-Pig75 (Aaron)
  • Goldenmonkey75 (Smelliott)
  • Troffa (Toby)
  • mbancroft12 (Max)
  • Firepenguin75 (Row)
  • Spudkiller98 (Joltom)
  • joshh007 (Josh)
  • walkerw01
  • HiveViper95
  • cmrains


  • Leader 1 War-Pig75
  • Leader 2 Troffa

Other Lead members

  • Member 1 Goldenmonkey75
  • Member 2 Firepenguin75
  • Member 3 mbancroft12
  • Member 4 Spudkiller98

External links

No website as of yet.

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