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Blackwater Trade Union is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

The Story

The story begins in 1890 when the BTU is first established. Blackwater falls on hard times, no trade, horrible economy and people are starving. Things get worse with the Blackwater Massacre at the hands of Landon Ricketts a known sharpshooter. After this, the town is left alone until 1900 when Waltons Gang and the Bollard Twins lead a unified attack on the town, devasting morale and killing dozens. After this battle, the City Council hired a task force of Regulators to guard the town from gangs such as the Bollards, Waltons, and Dutch's Gang. In 1905 the Regulators led a Task Force including 15 Blackwater officers to the Shipwrecked Serendipity, a safe haven for gang's and wiped it out completely leaving Blackwater at peace for the time being.

It is now 1911, more attacks on the way, but the Regulators are in Blackwater to stay and are Precise and Reliable men that will fight to the death if the time comes where that is needed.

Joining the BTU

You could be anything you want, a shopkeeper to a regulator your choice.

Locatons for shops

  • Courtyard
  • Hotel
  • Docks
  • FBI Building

Regulators -

  • Endorser
  • Omniulb
  • SeizedLOD 666

There is a limit of 12 Regulators, NO EXCEPTIONS

To apply for the BTU go to this link:


Leader -

- Endorser

Other members

  • Omniulb - Regulator
  • SeizedLOD 666

External links


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