Blaze Of Glory Posse 2010

We Will Take You Down

Blaze Of Glory is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Many Years Ago In The West a Rag Tag Bunch Of Cowboys Were Being Chased By The Mexican Army..This Was Due To Dexibilos Taking Advantage Of The Generals Young Daughter..The General Found Him Bending Her Over His Desk..So For Many Months We Travelled Through Mexico Fleeing The Hundreds Of Mexican Soldiers With Only Bloodlust On there Minds..Thankfully Collins1982 Had A Great Idea (First One Ever)That We Should Go To America And Seek Our Fame And Fortune There..So Here We Are And We WIll Go Down In A Blaze Of Glory.Were Looking For A Posse Willing To Prove There Worth If You Feel You Have What It Takes Message Axel Thunder On XBL And We Will Mosy On Down

Joining the posse

This Is A Closed Posse As We Have Many Friends Willing To Take Up The Cause



  • Axelthunder
  • Dexibilos
  • El_Mavro_Eques

Other members

  • Axel Thunder
  • Dexibilos
  • Collins1982
  • Merty Harry
  • Bozza83
  • TW Rayvon
  • Merty Harry
  • Pez Lightening
  • And Many More To Come!!

External links

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