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About the posse

We are a powerful organised crime ring that is based at Blackwater. We have contacts in mexico and sell weapons to the mexican army in el presidio. Not only that but the Don owns the police, Texas Rangers, United states army and the United states cavelry.We only operate on ps3.

==Joining the posse==

The only way to join our posse is to make an aranged meeting with the underboss and he will give you an assassination assigment on an online player within the lobby. If it is not fulfilled in a certain time, well, you will be shot and kicked from the lobby and maybe even deranked if the Don wants to.If it is completed, the underboss will arange a meeting with the Don and he will great you into the family as a soldier and you must wear a lawmen uniform until you progress and get higher in the ranks and then you will be offered a marshal suit.


  • The Don-DONOVAN-MORRELO-He owns everything.
  • Consigliere-nightvision11-He owns The American Army, The American Cavelry and The Texas Rngers.
  • Underboss-Xx-_-REZNOV-_-xX-He owns the Capo's and soldiers.
  • Capo-seedysafac
  • Capo-nightvision14
  • Soldier-pj19877
  • Soldier-rom-mohc
  • Soldier-zarie840
  • Soldier-sidpip
  • Soldier-samc232
  • Soldier-michaeldowey
  • Soldier-mikeminer2009

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