About this gang: The Bollard Twins Gang is a gang of cattle rustlers that was started by twin brothers Ike and Willie Bollard. The gang is based out of Hennigan's Stead and primarily based out of Thieves' Landing, the Thieves' Landing Saloon more specifically. Thieves' Landing is OUR territory and anyone who enters it and is not a member of our gang should be firmly dealt with, however you see fit to get them out of there. We like to have fun by attacking gang hideouts, Playing Poker and Liar's Dice, racing, raiding nearby settlements (such as the MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, etc.), and doing various rollplay type stories.

How to join/requirements: 1.) Must have a PSN account 2.) Contact me on Playstation Network Contact: PanzerFuhrer9 3.) Must be atleast 13 years old 4.) Must be atleast rank 10 on Red Dead Redemption multiplayer 5.) Act mature 6.) A headset/mic is recommended for better communication with fellow gang members 7.) Gang members must use the "Rustler" multiplayer title. 8.) Members must use any of the Cattle Rustler multiplayer characters as their own character, or Abraham Marsh, Jason M. Bright, Stuart B. Wilson III, or Nick Klein from the Misc. Criminals category. 9.) Gang members must treat each-other with respect 10.) Gang members must always be loyal to one another and back each-other up if they require assistance such as in fist fights, shootouts, being pursued by lawmen, etc.

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