Mexican guns

Borracho Loco Mexicanos!! is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is all about us, we do what we want. When we want to. We take whatever we need from whoever we need to. We lie, kill, cheat and steal, and we don't intend to stop anytime soon. For we are the filth and scum, the worst the west has ever seen.

For we are BORRACHO LOCO MEXICANOS!-----------------> (Crazy Drunk Mexicans!) And we take our bottles to the grave.

Joining the posse

I will not even consider anyone who is under 10, Unless they have reached legend status.

But other than that their is not much to it.

Send me a friend request on xbl, and a message stating you you like to join. Gamertag: LosLoCoBandito

Code of the Borracho Loco Mexicanos

1. You MUST play as a Mexican.

2. Honesty Is NEVER our policy.

3. Never trust outsiders.

4. Kill ANY opposition in our way.

5. NEVER leave a fellow Mexicano behind.

Chain of Command

(!== ... ==!) <--- Represents position of power.

!===Bandito Líderes===!

The three head leaders of the Borracho Loco Mexicanos.

  • LosLoCoBandito

!===Los Soldados Privados===!

The Private soldiers of the Bandito's These members answer only to the direct commands of the Bandito's (Reserved until worthy soldiers are found)


Borracho Loco Generales

Main leaders of the four Loco Borracho Loco Ejército groups.

  • (acero)(Open)
  • (fuego)(Open)
  • (miedo)(Open)
  • (tormenta)(Open)

Borracho Loco Ejército

The four loyal divisions of the Borracho Loco Mexicano army.

(acero)      (fuego)       (miedo)       (tormenta)
(Steel)      (Fire)        (Fear)        (Storm)
  • (Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)
  • (Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)
  • (Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)
  • (Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)
  • (Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)-------(Open)

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