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Rdr posse

Boshell Twins Wild Bunch is a Red Dead Redemption posse Based mainly in Thieves Landing on xbox live

About the posse

We spend most of our time in our private arenas fighting to better our fist-fighting and knife-fighting skills we have arenas in Thieves Landing, near Twin Rocks, Mcfarlanes Ranch, Las Hermanas, Chuparosa, Escalera and Blackwater. If we are not doing that we are using those skills against rival organisations and while hunting Bears, Boars, Wolves and Cougars

Joining the posse

to join mine and BrainBuster98's posse you need to good at fist fighting and knife fighting

And if u slip you'll have ME inna ur rarse! - BrainBuster98



  • Wild Twin 1 BrainBuster98
  • Wild Twin 2 SGT dou9hnut

Members Ranks Professions & Received Awards

  • Knife Recruit Grade 1 (our equivalent of a private grade 1):SIL3NT AV3NG3R:Assassin
  • Knife Practitioner Grade 1 xTHE REJECTEDx:Demolition Expert. Awards Earned : Iron Fist Medal for fist-fighting excellence
  • Knife Practitioner Grade 1 (our equivalent of a UK seargent grade 1) rayman6332:Enforcer. Awards Earned : Insignia stamped double action revolver
  • Knife Recruit Grade 1 ExE(Exeptional Skill) :Ix Sloppy xI :Stealth Expert. Awards Earned :Golden Insignia stamped Knife
  • Leaders & Boshell Twins :
  • Knife High Expert Grade 3 (our equivalent of a high general) BrainBuster98
  • Knife High Expert Grade 2 (our equivalent of a high colonel) SGT dou9hnut

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