Bounty wolves is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Our posse plays on a xbox 360. In our posse we hunt down public enemys for experience but we also gain bounty ourselves, if you kill another posse member thats a public enemy you will be killed but if it carrys on you may be suspended. We usually hunt animals (mainly bears) for fun.

Our posse main hideout is Casa Madrugada

Joining the posse

To join our posse you have to be level 10 or above to join (if you've prestiged you can still get in), if you wish to join send either UltimateKOllama or Steadi a message.

You can be whatever character you like apart from the leader and second in command.


G1ML13S W7ATH - Deputy -------------- Status: Chubby Mexican Sheriff of Punta Orgullo

xDWx Reaper - Private --------------------- Status: Dunce

UltimateKOllama - Leader ----------------- Status: Sheriff of Casa Madrugada (Posse Hideout) and Las Hermanas

Steadimatt - Second in command ------ Status: Captain of El Presidio and Sheriff of Chuparosa


From time to time we hunt myths or eastereggs for fun.


El Presidio - No killing other posse members, Only when you are ordered to you can use the cannons.

Casa Madrugada - No killing other posse members.

Punta Orgullo - No killing anyone.

Las Hermanas - No killing anyone.

Rules of taking over towns

If you wish to take over a town that a player already owns inform that player so that you can do a land grab or a dual. once you do declare a dual or land grab inform me so I can make sure you win fair and square.

Towns not aloud to be taken over

Las Hermanas

El Presidio

Casa Madrugada

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