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Brotherhood of the Gallows

Brotherhood of the Gallows flag

Brotherhood of the Gallows is a proud gang of outlaws, of all levels, that will stop at nothing to kill anyone/posse that gets in the way of their target. Their flag is based off of the flag of a famous pirate known as "Blackbeard." On the original flag was the devil skeleton holding a spear on the right side, stabbing a bleeding heart. On this flag, instead of a spear it is a red noose.

The Brotherhood is always organized in time of battle, and if it comes to it, war. Ranks are given by one of the two posse leaders: xFletch0x and HyperGuy46. Level does not determine rank, skill does. Skill also determines specialties (ex: sniping, cqb, med-range assault.. ect). Ranks are not physically labeled on person, but are written down by one of the two leaders and will be used to judge orders if needed.

Rules:   1.)Friendly fire will not be tollerated!
                 ~First account: warning
                 ~Second account: free kill for victim
                 ~Third account: banning from posse
            2.)Orders must not be delliberatly disobeyed
            3.)Never flee the battle, force the opponent to flee
                 ~no matter how many kills/deaths you had compared to enemy,
if they flee, its your victory!
            4.)Kill 'em all

Ranks: 1- Farmer 2- Fronteirsman 3- Cowboy 4- Cattle Rustler 5- Outlaw 
6- Scout  7- Assassin  8- Specialist 9- Expert 10- Elite/Leader

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