Brothers of the West is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


About the posse

the brothers of the west is a posse/clan of players that have been playing together for most of their RDR experience.they are lead and founded by MachoMan1130. the brothers of the west were one of the most feared posse's on RDR, although in recent months have had a falling out and were temporarily dis-banded, BUT have come back much stronger and are united as one! the B.O.W are/were most commonly known for their excessive use of the bolt action rifle/buffalo/rolling block and the le mat/double action and schofield revolvers.The B.O.W lay claim to the the south of cholla springs, stretching across rio bravo and just edging upon gaptooth ridge.the B.O.W is known for their uncanny ability to shoot headshots, almost every time they fire, they are also known for their fierce defense of the town of armadillo and their headquarters.. FORT MERCER. The B.O.W focus on working as a team and can do this very effectively when it comes to fighting.they can also hold their own very will, even when severely out numbered.If any Posse/ gang crosses our border and we feel threatened, we will without hesitation attack. The B.O.W mostly opperate in free roam and also in hardcore free roam. We are also occasionally involved in other competitive game types.

Joining the posse

For now we are offering no opportunity's to join the B.O.W but could possibly be hosting try outs in the near distant future. if you really wish to join you can contact xG0LDENNUGGETx on xbox live.

Red bow


small but.. MIGHTY


  • Gang Leader: MachoMan1130
  • co leader: xG0LDENNUGGETx

Other members

  • Brother: DMJHohl
  • Brother: SNUFFEDR00STER
  • Brother: ZombieSaurian

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